Why did I made this?

Simply I need a private place to write about the things that'd been occupying my head for some time. Getting restless of the thoughts, over and over again. I've been thinking of starting a personal dev blog somewhere that I don't need to run on my server, and I just can offload it somewhere so other people can still read it after I'm gone.

Some of people I know said that I'm good at explaining things they can understand easily, but reluctant enough to teach massive amount of people. I always love teaching and sharing my knowledge to people indirectly, and having some place to write and just dump everything is another way to do it.

A person's journey is meant to make other people's journey easier, by having the means of letting other people have the knowledge and let them expand it. Not afraid of having them stealing and claiming everything from you. I believe everything will falls into the right place on the right path.

Hence, this blog was made.

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