How I moved my stuff from Contabo to Greencloud

This will be a very quick blog post describing how I migrated by Debian server instance from Contabo to Greencloud. I won't elaborate more about why I moved other than it's faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar cheaper on Greencloud ($45 per year) rather than on Contabo ($11 per month, meaning $132 per year). I loved both performance, as I don't really utilize my personal server that much. The only issue was my financial capabilities.

The way I migrated my stuff is just to rsync my home directory (around 600MB) to the new VM. For those wondering (because I wonder about this too yesterday), it turns out that I didn't put anything on /var/lib/* or /etc/* and I'm using Docker for every stuff that I deployed, so I'm already good to go. The command I used was:

rsync -avz -e 'ssh -p 2222 -X -i ~/.ssh/id_ed25519' --progress /home/reinaldy/ reinaldy@greencloud:/home/reinaldy/

I was surprised when it finished in just 2 minutes (maybe less, I don't keep time). Then, all I need to do is just run sudo docker compose up -d to any compose file that I need to deploy. All it took is just 30 minutes to migrate everything to the new VM, and that includes the time it took for me Googling stuff around. There are obviously a few more things to be done like setting up ufw, installing Docker, setting up Zerotier, and install some development tools such as Go, Rust, Julia, and gcc-stuff, but all that only took a breeze.

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